Welcome to JiyinYiyong's homepage.

About me

My name is ChenYong. I use @题叶 and @jiyinyiyong on the web. My role is a ClojureScript programmer in the community. Currently I'm working for a startup company in XuHui, Shanghai.


I'm maintaining several open source projects:
  • Respo, a virtual DOM library
  • Cumulo, a tiny workflow for realtime apps
  • Cirru, structual code editing
  • Some of my tiny pieces can be found on:
    Meanwhile I'm also help maintaining some forums:


    I have some friends from SHLUG, Shanghai Linux Users Group and Elixir Meetup Shanghai so you can find me there.
    Most of the time I'm joining React and ClojureScript communities, but we don't have a stable offline community yet.


    I'm very interested in Functional programming my job is a Web developer. You may find me on Twitter and Weibo. Or other platforms with the name @jiyinyiyong or @题叶 .


    I do sharings, mostly in Shanghai and related to React and ClojureScript. Sometimes to my friends, and sometimes for the company I work for.